Monthly Archives: August 2008


Working on a map presentation and want your labels to show up in something other then Times New Roman or Arial?  TypeBrewer is a new online tool that can help you make choices regarding type fonts and labeling strategies for you map projects and presentations (The name is inspired from ColorBrewer – another online tool we have recommended in the past for helping choose color schemes for maps).  TypeBrewer is a Flash based browser application that allows you to choose from several pre-selected font families and displays them on a sample map, where you are able to interactively manipulate the font characteristics and appearance.   Once you generate a configuration that you like, TypeBrewer allows you to download the template specifications or export the simple map to the Adobe Illustrator format.

EDS GIS Workshops

The fall GIS workshop series is now up, overall we’re looking to introduce a couple new workshops to the schedule including another Google Earth & KML workshop, and a introduction to using Python in ArcGIS.

This year we’re also working on offering GIS workshops using open source software (probably QGIS) at the Health Sciences Library.

MapPLUTO 07C is Here

EDS now has the latest version of the New York City Planning Tax Lot Layers; MapPLUTO 07C is here and includes data updated through November 2007- March 2008.  MapPLUTO models tax lots throughout New York City. This dataset represents a compilation of data from various government agencies throughout New York. The attribute data pertains to tax lot and primary building characteristics and information related to administrative and political districts for each tax lot in New York City. The underlying geography is derived from the Department of City Planning’s Tax Block and Tax Lot Base Map project. The tax lots have been clipped to the shoreline, as defined by NYCmap planimetric features.

The datasets are only available in the EDS lab during lab hours.

Global Mapping Project

EDS has began making layers from the Global Mapping project available from the CU Spatial Data Catalog. The Global Mapping project is the charge of the International Steering Committee for Global Mapping (ISCGM) and aims to provide a group of global geographic data sets of known and verified quality, with consistent specifications which will be open to the public. Layers are distributed by country and are created and released at the country scale.

EDS has reformatted the datasets distributed by the ISCGM, raster datasets have been converted to the GRID format and vector datasets have been converted to the shapefile format. We have provided our own documentation for each layer, available through the CU Spatial Data Catalog. Available GRID layers for each country may include elevation, land use, land cover and vegetation. Available shapefile layers for each country may include airports, administrative boundaries, built up areas, coast lines, inland waters, population centers, oceans and seas, railroads, rail yards, roads, bridges and water courses. Currently, layers are available for Australia, Bangladesh, Algeria and Bahrain. Layers for Botswana, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Kenya Mozambique, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland and the Democratic Republic of the Congo will be available shortly. Other countries and layers will be made available in the near future.