Monthly Archives: September 2008

Google Maps NYC Transit

For those of you have not seen it yet – this week Google has added New York city transit data to Google Maps, allowing route planning on public transit.

You can plan routes on NYC Transit, LIRR, the Metro-North, the Staten Island Ferry and Long Island Buses.  The interface is intuitive and admittedly pretty fast, but routing options don’t seem to be as robust as some other products (like Hopstop), particularly finding alternate routes.

Intro to GIS using QGIS

On Wednesday we gave our first workshop at the CUMC Health Science Library using the open source QGIS software. It was well attended (19 people) and although there were a few bugs, overall I think it went well.

We’ll give the same workshop again on Friday October 10th from 12-2pm, so for anyone who was not able to attend the first one or were on the wait list will have another chance.

The exercise I use for for the workshop is a shortened, modified version of the FOSS4G2007 “Shuffling Quantum GIS into the Open Source Software Stack” workshop workbook found on the QGIS website under Documentation.

For data the QGIS LiveCD works great, but I use data from Desktop GIS – the book which is almost identical to what is used in the workbook.

There were several good questions, and a few I was unable to answer mostly because I’m more familiar with using ESRI software but I’ll look into the questions and if I can find answers I’ll post them here.

We also received a request to hold a Geoda workshop in the near future which we will look into as a definite possibility.

EDS Update

The computer image in EDS has changed to reflect the upcoming Digital Social Science Center (DSSC) computer configuration. For GIS, this means we have removed all of the data that was locally stored on the machines and are now relying on downloading layers from the CU Spatial Data Catalog.

The idea being to make sure the 17 high end machines (most with 30″ monitors) we’re adding to the DSSC space will be identical to what’s currently in EDS.

Hawth’s Analysis Tools will also be added to the CUIT lab machines in the near future, I know we’ve had a few requests to make the toolbar available outside of EDS.

GIS Intro at the CUMC Health Sciences Library

Thanks to the work of a terrific librarian who works in the CUMC Health Sciences Library, we now are now able to bring the GIS workshops to the Medical Center campus.

To start off with, we will offer the Intro to GIS workshop but will use QGIS, an open source software instead of ArcGIS which is what we use for the majority of our workshops.

Registration won’t open until one week before, but if you are interested in attending you can register from the EDS workshops page.

If you missed the first Intro workshop that took place in EDS, there’s still room in next week’s Friday 9/19 workshop.

Intro to GIS workshop

Registration is now open for the first GIS workshop this semester.

The workshop will be held in EDS on Friday 9/12 from 10:30-12:30pm.

The two hour workshop will give an overview of
–        GIS
–        data models
–        basic spatial analysis
–        projections
–        working with your own data
–        finding data

There’s always a hands-on component working at all workshops, for this one we’ll have two exercises working with ESRI ArcGIS software. No prior experience with GIS is necessary to attend, the workshop is meant for those without any experience or would like a refresher on the basics.