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Sometimes I get tired of using the standard styles in ArcGIS; we’ve recommended ColorBrewer before in an earlier post for TypeBrewer.

In addition to this, recently I’ve been using Kuler. It’s not designed for mapping at all but it will allow for creating your own swatches by extracting colors from an image, using some predefined options, or creating a custom swatch. These can be saved, tagged, and shared (or not).

You can also browse swatches created by other people and save them. These can then be exported as .asc files which will open in Photoshop or Illustrator.

To get these into ArcGIS is a little tedious but I really like the results. I open ArcGIS Style Manager and create a new style. Then in the Color folder, add the new colors I want to use one at a time.

After I have all of the colors entered, I can use these colors to create color ramps like the ones in the image above for displaying elevation.

NYPL Mapping NYC

Matt Knutzen has done an amazing job putting together a KMZ index of digitized NYC map collections from the NYPL Map Division.

Check out his post with some recommendations on how to use it, and then download it.

There’s also a short video called Mapping the World which is part of the Treasures of NYPL Video Series which is worth checking out.

It’s narrated by both Alice Hudson, the Chief of the map division and Matt Knutzen, the Assistant Chief.