Monthly Archives: October 2009

GIS workshop – working with ArcGIS & Google Earth

We’re offering a workshop on ArcGIS & Google Earth on Friday November 20th in EDS from 10:30am – 12:30pm.


I plan on covering and comparing some of the tools for exporting vector layers into KML & KMZ format.

I’ll also discuss symbolizing and labeling data,  adding a legend as a screen overlay, and importing Google Earth layers into ArcGIS.

An introductory level knowledge of ArcMap is required to attend the workshop, registration opens one week before.

workshop – Digitizing, georeferencing, and creating new spatial layers

Next week Friday Eric Glass will lead a workshop on digitizing, georeferencing, and creating new spatial layers.

He’ll give an introduction to techniques for creating new spatial layers from various sources, particularly georeferencing and digitizing from paper and imagery.

This will be a very practical, ArcGIS-centric workshop and will consist of a short lecture followed by individual hands-on exercises using ArcMap in the EDS lab.

An introductory level knowledge of ArcMap is required to attend.

Register for the workshop.

Workshop – Finding and Mapping Population Data from the US Census

We’ve added a new GIS workshop to the DSSC schedule (click link to register).

Next week Friday in EDS from 10:30am – 12:30pm Jane Weintrop, the Data Librarian will give an introduction to the detailed socio-demographic data produced by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Focus will be on current data sources, Decennial Census and the American Community Survey.

The workshop will describe what they are, how they were produced, and how to use them.

Why such data are ideal for mapping will be explained and illustrated with an hands-on exercise in obtaining and mapping population data.

No prior experience with GIS software is required to attend.