The Pentagon Papers Declassified


Forty years ago, parts of a document entitled "Report of the Office of the Secretary of Defense Vietnam Task Force" were leaked to news media and printed by the Washington Post and the New York Times as the Pentagon Papers. The original report, commissioned by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara in 1967, was printed in only 15 copies. The leaked version provoked one of the most significant first amendment court cases in U.S. history. Now, to mark the 40th anniversary of the leak, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has released the complete, declassified, unredacted version of the Pentagon Papers, all 47 volumes, 7000 pages of it.

NARA compiled the digital version from copies held in the presidential libraries of John F. Kennedy (Robert McNamara’s copy), Lyndon B. Johnson (Clark Clifford’s copy)  and Richard Nixon (unidentified copy). NARA estimates that approximately 34% of the material is available for the first time.



You can read more about the Pentagon Papers and related materials at this National Security Archive site.

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