Google Scholar Tips


Everybody is using Google Scholar to find relevant material for their research papers, right? *

But are you getting the most out of Google Scholar? Here are some tips:

1) Click on the link at the top right of the page, Scholar Preferences.

2) In the section called Library Links, type "Columbia" in the box and click on "Find Library." This brings up an option, "Columbia University in the City of New York – e-Link @ Columbia," which if you check it, will provide you with links to the full text of the articles that you find in Google Scholar, if Columbia provides you access to the full text of those journals.

3) A little farther down the page is a section called Bibliography Manager. If you use one of the bibliographic citation software packages that Columbia provides for you for free (and you should!), you can click on the button to activate a link for each item you find in Google Scholar which will allow you to download that citation into your bibliographic citation folder. Easy!

4) Click on Save Preferences and these options are now saved on that computer forevermore.


* Please don’t tell me that you’re using plain Google for serious research …. please …


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