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Population Data at the Tract Level

The Census Bureau has released the 2010 American Community (ACS) Survey 5-year period estimates for 2006-2010.  Earlier releases of the 2010 ACS products, the 3-year period estimates and the 1-year period estimates, reported data only for geographic areas larger than 25,000.  The 5-year estimates report at the tract level (area of about 4,000) persons.

Data tables are available on a wide range of socio-economic topics including ethnicity, occupation, household type, income, poverty, disability, fertility, education, and commuting.

The 2010 ACS data is being released using the Census Bureau’s web portal American Factfinder2 (AFF2). Since first time users of this interface usually need some guidance, the Digital Social Science Center’s Data Service has prepared a step-by-step guide to using the AFF2.  The DSSC staff can also provide help on site or via our

For a complete list with descriptive information on the key population products produced by the Census Bureau refer to our web page, Population Data – U.S. Census Bureau


Social Explorer for Historical Maps

Looking for historical U.S. Census maps?  Try Social Explorer – a database product that helps to visually analyze and understand the demographics of the United States through the use of interactive maps and data reports.  Explore thousands of historical data maps, from the first US Census in 1790 to the present!

Census – Population Density, NYC Metro Area

1790, 1890, 1990

1790 1890 1990

Europe’s Energy Data Visualization

Europe's EnergyEurope’s Energy project, a joint effort with the Open Knowledge Foundation and using data from Eurostat – the statistical office of the European Union, gives users a set of visual tools to understand EU member states’ efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.  Take a look!