Monthly Archives: February 2012

FY 2013 Federal Budget Released

President Barack Obama released the fiscal year 2013 budget on February 13. The budget proposed by the President includes $3.8 trillion in spending. The New York Times has explored where all that money will go, and the director of the Office of Management and Budget has blogged about the 2013 budget and deficit reduction, but you can look at all the budget documents yourself, 1996-present, at FDSys, the official web site for the Government Printing Office, which also produces the print version of the budget each year. For other information on the Federal budget process, take a look at the Libraries' subject guide, The Budget Process.

New ESRI Virtual Campus courses

esri-logoElelven new ESRI VC courses were added to the available list.

The self-pased courses on the list are free for all current Columbia University students, faculty and staff.

Here are the new courses

  • Advanced Techniques for Cartographic Representations (for ArcGIS 10)
  • Basics of Map Projections (for ArcGIS 10)
  • Building Models for GIS Analysis Using ArcGIS 10
  • Getting Started with Cartographic Representations (for ArcGIS 10)
  • Getting Started with Linear Referencing (for ArcGIS 10)
  • Linear Referencing Using ArcGIS 10
  • Mobile GIS: Creating Data Collection Applications Using the ArcGIS API for iOS
  • Mobile GIS: Getting Started with the ArcGIS API for iOS
  • Python Scripting for Geoprocessing Workflows (for ArcGIS 10)
  • Working with Annotation Using ArcGIS 10
  • Working with Coordinate Systems in ArcGIS 10

See the DSSC ESRI Virtual Campus courses page for a complete list of available courses and more information on registration.