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Intro to GIS workshop, Friday 9/27

Registration is now open for the first of two Intro to GIS workshops. The first will be held next week Friday 9/27 between 11am – 1pm in the DSSC Data Service, Lehman Library room 215.

We will offer it again on Friday 10/4 at the same time.

The workshop will give a basic overview of GIS, data models, spatial analysis, projections, finding data, and working with your own data. There are two hands-on exercises, both using ESRI ArcGIS software so everyone who attends will get a chance to use the software and explore some of what we cover in the talk.

The Intro workshop is meant for anyone who either has had no previous experience with GIS or for anyone needing a refresher.

HELP When You Need It

Don't know where to start?                 Need help using the Libraries' collection

New to using statistical software?            What is the best way to handle citations?

Can't find the right GIS mapping tool to complete you assignment?


Check out what the Digital Social Science Center (DSSC) has to offer.

  • Walk in and ask.
    Librarians are available weekdays at  regularly schedule hours throughout the year in the DSSC Consulting Office which is located in the glass-walled area immediately on your right as you enter the main DSSC area, IAB323, on the second floor of Lehman Library.
    Additionally the DSSC Data Service is a space set up for those doing quantitative work or looking for numeric or spatial data. The DSSC Data Service is on the lower level of Lehman, IAB215, and can be reached from the main area of the DSSC by a staircase. It also maintains its own regularly schedule hours throughout the year.
  • Make an appointment.
    Send an email to to request an appointment. Briefly explain what you need and someone will get back in touch. For questions involving numeric or spatial data, statistical software or mapping you can reach the DSSc Data Servic directly at
  • Send an email.
    Use the same steps as a request for an appointment.  If an email contains only your question a librarian will answer by email.
  • Telephone.
    You can reach a librarian in the DSSC Consulting Office, 212-854-8043, or a librarian in the DSSC Data Service, 212-854-6012, during the location's regularly schedule hours.
  • Help yourself.
    The DSSC main page and DSSC Data Services page each gives overviews of the collections they support.
    Check to see if there are any in-library workshops offered by the DSSC (these occur most frequently early in a semester).
    Self-paced online tutorials are available from Software Tutorials for a wide range of softwares or GIS Self-paced Online Courses.

Zotero Worshops

Zotero is a citation management program that allows you to search, retrieve, and store article citations from databases and Google Scholar, and book citations from catalogs. It helps you insert citations in Word documents in a wide variety of writing styles, such as APA, Chicago, etc. Register Here.

If the dates are not convenient contact Fadi Dagher ( to schedule an individual session.