DSSC Extended Walk-in Hours

We’ve extended our walk-in hours from two hours to four hours per day between March 27th through April 27th, Monday – Thursday.

We’ve also added a calendar listing the type of help you can expect during walk-in hours as well as some of the other activities in the DSSC such as the Open Labs or workshops.

The new hours are as follows, although best to consult the calendar in case of changes. Outside of these hours, you can always request a one-on-one consultation with one of our staff.

Monday 12pm – 4pm: help with R, Stata, SPSS and SAS

Tuesday 12pm – 4pm: help with GIS

Wednesday 12:30pm  – 4:30pm: help with R, Stata, SPSS and SAS

Thursday 12pm – 4pm: help with GIS

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