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Registry of Anthropological Data Wiki

A cutting-edge tool for the new era of anthropology and the 21st century anthropologist! The American Anthropological Association has announce the creation of a Wiki to help researchers share and locate anthropological source materials.
Already the wiki houses information on fascinating research such as the Khipu Database and the Tsimane Amazonian Panel Study. If you have ethnographic or anthropological source materials you would like people to know about, such as information about the location of field notes, photographs, sound recordings, and other primary sources, then add it to the wiki and help others benefit.

Ethnographic Videos

Ethnographic Video Online provides more than 750 hours and 1,000 films on the study of human culture and behavior. The collection covers every region of the world and features classic and contemporary documentaries, as well as the work of previously unpublished footage from anthropologists and ethnographers in the field.



eHRAF perhaps?

ehrafaLogoFounded in 1949 at Yale University, Human Relations Area Files (HRAF) provide information that facilitates the cross-cultural study of human behavior, society, and culture. There are two collections available at Columbia:

eHRAF Archaeology  provides access to books, journal articles, and dissertations on archaeological traditions from around the world.

eHRAF Ethnography provides primary source materials on ca. 400 different cultural, ethnic, religious, and national groups in Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, North America, Oceania, Eurasia, and South America.