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Using R with ArcGIS

With a successful collaboration between DSSC and ESRI, a hands-on workshop on ESRI R plugin was presented by Shaun Walbridge, a senior developer from ESRI, on Wednesday, April 20. Shaun provided an in-depth tutorial on how to use R in ESRI, and answered questions from students and librarians.

Our audiences were from a broad background: librarians from Columbia and other institutions in NYC, PhD students, Master’s students, people from administrations, etc.


Presentation Highlights:

SP data types in R
  • 0D: SpatialPoints
  • 1D: SpatialLines
  • 2D: SpatialPolygons
  • 3D: Solid
  • 4D: Space-time
R — ArcGIS Bridge
  • Store your data in ArcGIS, access it quickly in R, return R objects back to ArcGIS native data types (e.g. geodatabase feature classes).
  • Knows how to convert spatial data to sp objects.
  • Package Documentation
  • Upcoming: Conda for managing R environments

For more information about this workshop, please visit http://github.com/scw/r-columbia-2016-talk

Thank you again for joining us!



Intro to GIS workshop, Friday 9/27

Registration is now open for the first of two Intro to GIS workshops. The first will be held next week Friday 9/27 between 11am – 1pm in the DSSC Data Service, Lehman Library room 215.

We will offer it again on Friday 10/4 at the same time.

The workshop will give a basic overview of GIS, data models, spatial analysis, projections, finding data, and working with your own data. There are two hands-on exercises, both using ESRI ArcGIS software so everyone who attends will get a chance to use the software and explore some of what we cover in the talk.

The Intro workshop is meant for anyone who either has had no previous experience with GIS or for anyone needing a refresher.

New ESRI Virtual Campus courses

esri-logoThere are around 60 self-paced web courses available from ESRI to help learn GIS topics, concepts and ArcGIS software.

The courses on the list are free for all current Columbia University students, faculty and staff.

Some of the newer courses recently added are

  • Basics of Python (for ArcGIS 10)
  • Creating 3D Data Using ArcGIS 10
  • Distance Analysis Using ArcGIS 10
  • Managing Lidar Data in ArcGIS 10
  • Performing Spatial Interpolation Using ArcGIS 10
  • Using Raster Data for Site Selection (for ArcGIS 10)

See the DSSC ESRI Virtual Campus courses page for a complete list of available courses and more information on registration.

New datasets from ArcAtlas

This summer we acquired the 1996 ArcAtlas: Our Earth collection from ESRI.  The atlas features dozens of datasets representing a wide ranging array of features, including climatical, geological, biological and political characteristics as well as physical facilities.   We have merged most of the ArcAtlas layers to create world-wide coverages, and these new datasets are available for download from the CU Spatial Data Catalog.

New datasets in CU Spatial Data Catalog

We’ve been working all summer to add records for our newer datasets in the CU spatial data catalog.  We will be detailing some of these new additions over the next few days.   Of notable interest is the addition of the vector layers for the 2008 ESRI Data & Maps Collection.  These layers include a variety of data types from throughout the world and are in ESRI’s compressed Smart Data Compression (SDC) format.   They can also be downloaded remotely for current Columbia affiliates.  Please note that most of the superseded data layers from previous years’ collections have been removed from the catalog in order to make finding the most recent data easier.  If you do require any of the older editions, please come see us in the EDS lab.

Intro to GIS

With the new semester, we are offering four Intro to GIS workshops, two in EDS and two at the CUMC Health Sciences Library.

The workshops held in EDS will use ESRI ArcGIS software while the ones at CUMC will use QGIS.

Both will have the same content and similar hands-on exercises just using different software.

The first workshop is next week Friday 1/30 from 10:30 – 12:30pm held in EDS, registration is now open.

All of the workshops are two hours long and give an overview of
–        GIS
–        data models
–        basic spatial analysis
–        projections
–        working with your own data
–        finding data

No prior experience with GIS is necessary to attend, the workshop is meant for those without any experience or would like a refresher on the basics.