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Bureau of Labor Statistics – Labor Force Statistics


BLSLooking for statistics on the labor force, including current and historical unemployment rates?  Check out the Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, including tables on employment status, characteristics of the employed/not employed, and minimum wage earnings.

The Statistical Abstract of the United States

Did you know that West Virginia is ranked #1 among US States in home ownership? Guess which state ranks last?

abstractsSearch the Statistical Abstract of the United States  as a guide to information from the Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Economic Analysis, and many other Federal agencies, and private organizations. Published since 1878, the Abstract is "the authoritative and comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States."


Housing Topics at the U.S. Census Bureau

Census Housing Topics

Looking for housing data?  You can find data on:

  • home ownership
  • historical to present U.S. rental vacancies
  • median asking and sale price for the U.S.
  • tables on housing affordability

…and more!  Go to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Housing Topics page.

Bill? What Bill?

Looking for legislative news and analysis? Try these two resources:

CQ.com provides user alerts to late-breaking news and updated Hill schedules, status of bills and bill summaries, committee coverage with votes and markups, and transcripts of all written submitted testimony, as well as votes analysis, member biographies, nonpartisan articles on policy topics, comparisons of competing versions of bills, and coverage of appropriations.

National Journal Group’s policy central provides Congressional markup reports and update reports on key legislation.  It also contains a collection of resources on U.S. politics and policy, including the National Journal, The Hotline, Congress Daily, Technology Daily, Poll Track, Ad Spotlight, and The Almanac of American Politics.


Need Hearings?

U.S. Congressional hearings can be difficult to locate, but two databases can help you find them. LexisNexis Congressional includes the full text of hearings, 1824-2003.
Records for these hearings can also be found in CLIO.

CQ.com has the full text of hearings, 1994-present.
There are no CLIO records for these hearings.

Problems locating hearings? Email me!

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Government Information Librarian

White House iPhone App

For you policy wonks on the go, you may want to download the new White House iPhone app, free from iTunes. It includes everything from the latest blog posts, to outstanding photos from the photo office, to White House videos.

Use it to watch the State of the Union Address tomorrow night …