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Like working with maps?

Ville De CochinI need a little help in the map room so if you are a CU student interested in working with the collection and can spare probably no more than five hours a week, then please send me an email (jt2118@columbia.edu).

The job will mostly be re-shelving maps, occasionally scanning, and if you have familiarity with GIS then there might be some other opportunities working with the spatial data collection.

workshop – Digitizing, georeferencing, and creating new spatial layers

Next week Friday Eric Glass will lead a workshop on digitizing, georeferencing, and creating new spatial layers.

He’ll give an introduction to techniques for creating new spatial layers from various sources, particularly georeferencing and digitizing from paper and imagery.

This will be a very practical, ArcGIS-centric workshop and will consist of a short lecture followed by individual hands-on exercises using ArcMap in the EDS lab.

An introductory level knowledge of ArcMap is required to attend.

Register for the workshop.

NYPL Mapping NYC

Matt Knutzen has done an amazing job putting together a KMZ index of digitized NYC map collections from the NYPL Map Division.

Check out his post with some recommendations on how to use it, and then download it.

There’s also a short video called Mapping the World which is part of the Treasures of NYPL Video Series which is worth checking out.

It’s narrated by both Alice Hudson, the Chief of the map division and Matt Knutzen, the Assistant Chief.

Scanned Map Index

We have created a layer that serves as an index to the growing scanned map collection from the Lehman library.  The index is available in shapefile format and can be freely downloaded, the metadata record is available in the CU Spatial Data Catalog.

Each feature represents the approximate extent of a map sheet or map set.  Attribute information includes the name of the map, a URL to the metadata record in the CUL Spatial Data catalog and a URL to a thumbnail detail of the map. This dataset will be updated regularly.