Locating Films at Columbia University

Films held in the Columbia Libraries are primarily VHS, Laserdisc and DVD formats.

Locate films in CLIO by using the following suggested searches:

Enter the title and select “Title Search”
Use the Quick Limit “Video Recordings”

You can use the author search for director, producer, screenwriter, actors (generally principal actors)
Note: Quick Limit does not apply to this search

Use keyword if you recall only a part of the title or if you want to pair a director and title
Use the Quick Limit “Video Recordings”
Example: kurosawa samurai dvd

Browse film titles:
A useful search for browsing is subject heading search.
You can browse a listing of all of our feature films, documentary films, foreign language films.

Here are a few subject headings :

  • Feature films
  • Foreign films
  • Documentary films
  • Comedy films
  • Historical films
  • Horror films

For foreign language films:
Subject headings include:

  • motion pictures, spanish (or any applicable language)


  • Use the “Pre-Select Limits” option to select a language, e.g., “Spanish”
    Perform a keyword search on the word “films”
    Select the Quick Limit “Video Recordings”

    Perform a keyword search for the word “videorecording”
    Narrow your search by adding additional keywords: “videorecording and

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