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Trial Access to British Online Archives–African Blue Books, 1821-1953

British Online Archives: African Blue Books, 1821-1953

Beginning October 21, 2015, researchers at Columbia University Libraries can take advantage of a month-long, trial access to an important source for the economic and political history of the colonial era in the former British colonial territories of Africa: “The Blue Book was a key item of considerable standing in 19th century colonial administration. With a particular focus on the latter nineteenth century and early twentieth century, the focus of these Blue Books is upon economic development; imports, exports and each territory’s balance sheets are a recurring theme throughout. Ecclesiastical records, public works and population statistics are also common themes.”

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The trial will run though November 19, 2015.

Cambridge Archive Editions Online – Trial available


Cambridge Archive Editions Online

Cambridge Archive Editions Online offers collections of key British archival documents from the 18th – 20th centuries. It makes available hundreds of thousands of digitized pages of historically authentic facsimile documents, as well as numerous maps, on the national heritage and political development of many countries. The material is rich for the study of boundary formation, claims and disputes, allowing users to easily find unique insight in maps, government documents, and more.  This digitized collection previously issued in print now offers full text searching of some of the titles.
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The trial will run through November 5, 2015.