A Warm Welcome for Undergrads

Anice Mills, Undergraduate Services Coordinator in Butler Library, recently gave a welcome party on a grand scale. From August 27 to September 1, she single-handedly organized the undergraduate student orientations for the libraries, welcoming 1600 students from Columbia College, Engineering & Applied Science, and General Studies. During the week of orientation, she (along with the help of Karen Green & Ree DeDonato) gave her presentation Networks, Knowledge, and No-Spill Mugs in 8 sessions to 200 students at a time.

In a session (a requirement for all new undergrads), the students learn basic network skills, how to use CourseWorks, and about computer security from a CUIT representative, explained Anice. She then gives her introduction to the libraries, including background about the 25 libraries at Columbia, research resources, and even information about academic integrity and considerate library usage.

?ÄúWe want to give undergraduates some idea of what the library system is, to welcome them and let them know librarians are there to help them,?Äù added Anice.

And she gets to do it all over again in January.

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