Ellesmere Chaucer Added to Digital Scriptorium

Digital Scriptorium, the online visual catalog of medieval and renaissance manuscripts that unites scattered resources into a tool for teaching and scholarly research, has added forty-five new images to the database from EL 26 C9, the Ellesmere Chaucer at the Huntington Library.

“The Ellesmere Chaucer occupies a virtually iconic position in the Anglo-American world, since it is the most splendid and most precisely produced of all the early manuscripts of the base text of English literature, Geoffey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales,” said Consuelo Dutschke, curator of Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts at Columbia’s Rare Book & Manuscript Library. “Its pilgrims on their horses have become part of a common repertoire of medieval images, and are familiar to us all.”

Visit the Digital Scriptorium here: www.scriptorium.columbia.edu/isit


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