ReCAP Coordinator Zack Lane

The ReCAP Coordinator is a new position to problem-solve and streamline the movement of materials to and from CUL’s high-density storage facility. ReCAP (Research Collections and Preservation Consortium) is now CUL’s largest library with more than 2.7 million volumes.

The initial phase of work will be to gather and distribute information among staff involved with ReCAP. The ReCAP website
( will be the initial forum to distribute relevant documentation. Updates will be regular and clearly indicated. There is also a second ReCAP page for patrons:

The ReCAP Coordinator will be responsible for training new and existing staff for ReCAP procedures.

Zack eagerly awaits suggestions, questions and comments. Please contact him at zl2114@columbia, (212) 851-5621 or in person at the idesk from 4-5pm every Wednesday.

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