David Magier to Serve as AUL at Princeton

After 21 years at CUL, David Magier is leaving in April to take up the position of Associate University Librarian for Collection Development at Princeton. In this position he will have overall responsibility for building the library’s collections and for apportioning its entire acquisitions budget. The AUL serves as the primary spokesperson for the collections to Princeton campus, and coordinates the work of more than fifty librarians with responsibility for building collections to meet the needs of current and future students and faculty. Because Princeton gives the AUL the assignment to seek to build collaborative projects with peer institutions and represents the Princeton University Library in regional and national collection development arenas, David is sure he will continue to work with many colleagues at Columbia.

After a career in teaching linguistics and South Asian Studies (at Berkeley, in Pakistan, and at Michigan State University), David shifted careers to librarianship. His time here has spanned a growing range of responsibilities over the years:

– South Asia Librarian
– South & Southeast Asia and South Pacific Librarian
– all of the above plus Team Leader for the Area Studies Group
– Director of the Area Studies Division
– all of the above plus Director of the Center for Human Rights Documentation & Research

David says, “I’ve worked with so many good people here… I’ll really miss them all!”

A farewell party for David Magier will take place on April 1st from 3-5pm in Butler 523.

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