Travel and Business Expense Report Policy Reminder

This a reminder of the documentation required when submitting an expense reimbursement for meals during travel on University business and business meals. Columbia University Accounts Payable requires the original restaurant or cash register receipts for meals. The receipt must include:

  the date and location

  the type of meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

  the meal items purchased

  the total amount of the meal

  proof of payment

In most cases, the above items are included on a single receipt, but in some instances proof of payment must be provided as a credit card receipt and/or statement.

Providing as much information as possible will help reduce the audit time in the Accounts Payable process. 

For business meals a list of attendees (or a number, if there are more than 10 names), the relationship to the University, and the business purpose of the meal must also be clearly documented.

Please contact Financial Services @ 4-3824 if you have any questions.

-Financial Services

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