Staff Activities in April & May

Kenneth Crews participated in various programs during April. He was a speaker at the annual copyright conference held at Ball State University, and he was an invited participant in two invitational workshops. Harvard Law School hosted a two-day planning session for the development of copyright instructional materials geared for librarians in all parts of the world. It was sponsored by Electronic Information for Libraries (see Another workshop was held at the Bar Association of the City of New York and was an opportunity for academics, lawyers, judges, museum officials, and photographers to explore complex legal and economic issues related to the protectibility of copy photography of art. The event was cosponsored by ArtStor, the College Art Association, and other organizations. His son, Will Crews, has decided to enroll next year at Syracuse University to study engineering. Bravo!

Alex Crosier and Robert Rendall attended the May 2008 NACO Series Institute at the Library of Congress.

Becky Dean attended NYLINK training in MARC Format and WorldCat cataloging.

Natasha Gelber will receive her MLS from Queens College on May 29th.

Alexis Hagadorn, Vasare Rastonis and Clare Manias of the Libraries’ Conservation Program attended the American Institute for Conservation’s Annual Meeting in Denver, CO on April 21 – 25. Alexis completed her two-year term as Program Chair for the Book and Paper Group by organizing this year’s two-day program of talks on the conservation of rare books, art on paper and archival materials. The twenty-four speakers from North America, the United Kingdom and Europe gave talks on a wide range of subjects. Highlights of this year’s program included a panel discussion on the relationship between conservation and digitization projects; conservation of drawings in acetylene torch soot by the artist Lee Bontecou; treatment of eighteenth-century wool sample books in the National Archives, London; using modified anoxic environments to minimize light damage during long-term display of paper artifacts; and current protocols for treatment of iron-gall ink on paper. Vasare was an invited panelist in the Archives Conservators Discusion Group, where she spoke about the Hanwell radio telemetry system for environmental monitoring which is used in storage areas at Columbia.

Kate Harcourt attended the May 2008 BIBCO operations Meeting as an appointed representative.

Ken Petricig received his M.S. in Library and Information Science from Pratt Institute in May.  His courses at Pratt focused on digital resource content evaluation, management and creation.  His work included a Greenstone Digital Library collection on Loft Jazz and an EAD/XML encoded finding aid that includes video and images for an archival collection of the jazz bassist Gene Perla.  His final project was a redesign of the New Museum website.

Robert Rendall attended the May 2008 CONSER Operations Meeting as an appointed representative.

Annemarie van Roessel earned her M.S., with distinction, from the School of Library and Information Science at Pratt Institute.

Melanie Wacker was elected as Reception Co-Chair of NYTSL (New York Technical Services Librarians)

Chengzhi Wang‘s paper, originally presented at the Association for Asian Studies, 2007, was recently published, as: C. Wang (2008). Development of State-Managed Publishing in China: Ancient Texts, Qing History and Current Gazetteers. /International Information and Library Review./ 40(2), 121-128.

“The Role of the Library in 21st Century Scholarly Publishing,” by Kate Wittenberg, was one of 8 essays commissioned by the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) as background for discussion at a meeting held in Washington DC on February 27.

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