Sachie Noguchi’s travels to Japan

Japanese Studies Librarian Sachie Noguchi recently returned from a three-week trip to Japan. She received training for Year 2 of the Tenri Antiquarian Materials Workshop for Overseas Japanese Studies Librarians at Tenri Library along with 6 colleagues from the United States and 12 from Europe. Training this year included the study of manuscripts and print versions from mainly the Edo-period (1600-1868).

Noguchi attended three meetings in Tokyo: the Image Use Protocol Conference, a meeting for scholars, librarians, and Japanese publishers to develop best practices for using visual images from Japan; Post-Japan Studies Information Specialists Training (JSIST), a program planning meeting to discuss possible future training programs for Japanese Studies librarians from overseas sponsored by the National Diet Library with funding from the Japan Foundation; and the Japan Art Catalog (JAC) Project meeting, where the Freer Gallery (depository of Japanese and oriental art), Columbia (depository of Western art) and the NACT (National Art Center Tokyo) which operates the JAC program met to discuss the program.

Noguchi also visited a number of libraries that are rich in research materials including the Museum of Modern Japanese Literature, the Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum at Waseda University, and Hosei University Nogami Memorial Noh Theatre Research Institute.

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