Summer Reading, part II

What’s on your feed reader? Inside CUL asked a random group of CUL staff about their favorite blogs. Here are some of the responses from the very informal poll:
From Karen Green,
“Talking Points Memo ( — possibly the most even-handed political blog out there, and one that does real investigative journalism as well–in fact, they broke the story of the US Attorney firing scandal. While they don’t hide their dismay at the Bush administration’s actions, they aren’t simply about bashing the other side.
Self-Styled Siren ( — the Siren writes about classic films in a way few others do, with insight, humor, and a great deal of well-placed passion. Her readers are involved participants in an ongoing discussion due to her habit of responding in the comments to others’ reactions and observations. A great example of a functional online community.
Boing Boing ( — BoingBoing calls itself a “Directory of Wonderful Things,” which is a good description. More an aggregator than a blog per se, the editors gather cool stuff from around the blogosphere–arts, sciences, and everything in between–and introduce it to their readers. Along the way they take care to inform the public about Creative Commons licensing, net neutrality, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.”
From Susan Hamson,
“I have one that I always recommend. A wry sense of humor, this one:”
From Alysse Jordan,
“I’m sorry I can’t be more highfalutin’, but to be honest, my favorite blogs are related to celebrity gossip (Celebrity Baby Blog, Perez Hilton, and Just Jared to name a few). I read posts about new shopping finds from Daily Candy, Apartment Therapy, and Kaboodle. Lest anyone decide to rescind my MLS after reading this, I should also add that I read the Huffington Post.”
From Zack Lane,
“I confess that I rarely ever read blogs. The only one that I visit regularly (once every couple weeks?) is It has current news/events in NYC.”
What blogs do you read?

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