Module 5 at ReCAP Now Open

Staff at the partner libraries and the ReCAP Facility were proud to announce completion of the newest module this Spring. Module 5 provides growth space for CUL’s collections until 2011. At full occupancy, these five modules will hold 4.5 million books from CUL collections and almost 11 million books overall!

Module 5 officially opened for new accessions in March, 2008. A temporary wall was erected within the unit to permit early move in. Access to the first five (of ten) aisles allowed ReCAP to continue regular processing without rearranging shelves. Many thanks to all contributing staff who helped maintain uninterrupted, efficient service during this difficult phase.

Just as construction ends…planning for the next module begins. Planning for Module 8 continues, in anticipation of continued need from partner libraries. Construction of the newest module will be on the opposite side of ReCAP’s processing floor.

Image: Original birds-eye view of ReCAP module construction. Updated plans will be provided shortly.

-Zack Lane

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