Professional Travel 2008

What sort of professional travel did people take, or are planning to take, in the first half of fiscal year 2008/09? Here is an overview of conference attendance from the Professional Development Committee. Follow up with your colleagues to see what they have learned.
Michael Boddy, Burke
American Theological Library Association conference (Ottawa)
Jeff Carroll, Coll.Dev.
Library Assessment Conference (Seattle)
Terry Catapano, LDPD
Balisage: the Markup Conference (Montreal)
Elizabeth Davis, Music
International Association of Music Libraries annual meeting (Naples, Italy)
Kathleen Dreyer, Business
IFLA Social Sciences Event pre-conference (Toronto)
Nancy Friedland, H&H
Preserving Our Audiovisual Media (Boston)
Natalie Gelber (OSMC)
OLAC/MOUG conference (Cleveland)
Mary Giunta, Lehman
ALA Annual (Anaheim)
Ted Goodman, Avery
ARLIS/NA Planning Conference (Indianapolis)
Susan Hamson, RBML
Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting (San Francisco)
Lauran Hartley, Starr
Literatures, Religions and Arts of the Himalayan Region: NEH Institute for K-12 Teachers (Worcester MA)
Emily Holmes, Preservation
Workshop on historic bindings (Patmos, Greece) (NEW DIRECTIONS AWARD)
Kathleen Kehoe, Biology
Annual General Meeting and Quarterly Board of Directors Meeting, Company of Biologists (Cambridge UK)
Vasare Rastonis, Conservation
European Bookbinding 1500-1800 (Patmos, Greece)
Annemarie van Roessel, Avery
XVI International Congress on Archives (Kuala Lumpur)
Neil Romanosky, ILL
IFLA Satellite Meeting on Rethinking Access to Information (Boston)
Jen Rutner, Access
Library Assessment Conference (Seattle)
Chris Sala, Avery
ARLIS/NA study tour of the Netherlands (NEW DIRECTIONS AWARD)
Jane Siegel, RBML
Rare Book School: “Cataloging Visual Materials” (Charlottesville VA)
Alex Thurman, OSMC
ALA Annual (Anaheim)
Melanie Wacker, OSMC
Dublin Core 2008 conference (Berlin, Germany)
Chengzhi Wang, Starr
Summer Institute on Chinese Studies Librarianship in the E-Environment (Seattle)
Song Yu, Chemistry
ACS National Meeting (Philadelphia)

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