On Watch

Jeffrey Lynch is on the night watch at Butler Library. He regularly makes his rounds during the wee hours to gently discourage “campers,” students who leave all manner of personal belongings including pillows and lamps to claim a study space. During the time that Jeffrey has been on patrol, there has been a significant decrease in camping, especially during midterms and final periods. An excerpt from our interview is below:

How long have you been in your current position?
I have been working as a Library Supervisor I since the end of last semester.  During the academic year I work from midnight – 8 a.m., with summers off.

What do you do?
I survey the library to assess usage, and lead the overnight anti-camping patrol in Butler Library.  Additionally, I assist Interlibrary loan with some of their electronic document processing.

What did you do before coming to Columbia?
Before this position, I worked in Milstein Reserves, focusing on electronic document delivery and media reserves.  Before coming to CU, I worked in the non-profit sector.

What is the best part of the job? The worst?
I get to see a side of the library that is very different from what I observed while working during the day.  No worst part so far…I love my job.

How do you spend your spare time or what are your hobbies?
I enjoy volunteering, and currently volunteer with the Gay & Lesbian Center and NY Cares.  Also, I enjoy crossword puzzles and yoga.

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