Women’s History Month Exhibit

March is Women’s History Month. With the help of Tony Arevalo, we are mounting a small display in the Butler Lobby relating to Women, Butler Library and Columbia College. The display was part of the student celebration of Women’s History Month. A student group held an event on March 3rd focusing on a banner that was placed on the façade of Butler Library in 1989 with the names of several significant female authors to complement the men’s names engraved there. They also commemorated the 25th anniversary of Columbia College going co-ed. Jen Rutner & Jocelyn Wilk are working on “Did you know?” slides on each topic for the Butler & Lehman screen displays.

With assistance from Jocelyn in the University Archives, the students created a small physical display illustrating the history behind the original banner for their program. We will display some of this material in the lobby of Butler next to the directory case for the balance of the month. Thanks to all who helped. We hope you find it interesting.

-Aline Locascio

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