CUL/Information Services Planning for Pandemic

The University initiated pandemic planning in 2007.  If a pandemic strikes so badly that the University needs to close down non-essential activities, on-campus services to patrons by CUL, CCNMTL, and CDRS will stop.  However, we will continue providing online services.  We will also continue to maintain our own essential activities, such as keeping CLIO, LWeb, and Swift functional and assuring that collections are secure.  The more likely scenario is a lower rate of flu cases, so that campus can remain open throughout, although we may have to cope with fewer than usual staff.

Each division of CUL/IS has prepared and updated a pandemic response plan that lays out a set of back-ups if the division’s usual management staff are sick, and that specifies which activities must be kept going.  Each group (Bibliographic Services and Collection Development, Collections and Services, and Digital Programs and Technology Services) has prepared an umbrella plan to coordinate activities and management across the groups.  DPTS is also strengthening communication methods so that information can be sent to staff via phone, email, text messages, and other technologies.  Finally, our Financial Services and Human Resources staff will work closely with the University to manage payroll and other essential services.

The divisional and group plans are available on Swift under Health and Safety at

Janet Gertz
Chair, CUL/IS Pandemic Planning Working Group

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