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203 Butler Upgraded with new ePodium and Projection System

203 Butler has been upgraded to a new electronic podium (ePodium) and projection system. This system is based on the CUIT ePodium that provides convenient control over all the computing and audio-visual capabilities in the room. The improvements include:

– new podium furniture with large flat surface to support laptop, papers, etc.
– new projector which is brighter, quieter, and improves compatibility with laptops
– upgraded Windows computer system
– new multi-region DVD player with both 4:3 and 16:9 playback support
– new mult-standard VCR player
– new Sennheiser wireless microphone
– upgraded touch panel control system

You may reserve 203 Butler through Library Swift. If you have any further questions, please contact the Library Information Technology Office at 4-4969 or

-Rob Cartolano

Lehman Library Renovations

Lehman Library made some significant changes during Summer 2007. The space known previously as the Reference Room was converted to a group study room that includes new carpet, electrical outlets, blackboards, and wall-mounted monitors.

The West Reading Room that had been so dark now has been enhanced with improved lighting along with new carpet, additional seating, and electrical and network connections.

-Jane Winland

Business Library Summer Renovations Complete

The following renovations were done in the Business & Economics Library over the summer:

1. Electrical outlets and internet jacks were installed to service the tables in the center of the reading room. These hard-wired jacks will provide maximum high speed connectivity to all tables.

2. 34 study rooms were constructed on the upper and lower levels of the perimeter of the main reading room. Study rooms include:

-seating for 6
-table top connectivity
-27″ monitor into which a laptop may be plugged for shared viewing
-phone jack for conference calls
-white boards

3. New wireless internet equipment was installed throughout the library.

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