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CCLIP Update – March 2009

Below are a few updates we mentioned at the most recent Professional Staff meeting (Feb. 27):

Chair for 2009: I (John Oliver, jo2203@columbia.edu) will be serving as Chair of the Committee for Columbia Library and Information Professionals (CCLIP).

Changes in constituent representation: We will no longer maintain direct assignments between individuals/divisions and CCLIP representatives. If you have questions or concerns, either get in touch with the committee member of your preference or send an e-mail to cclip@libraries.cul.columbia.edu.

Chair/Chair-Elect system: Each year the committee will choose a Chair-Elect from its group of new committee members. The Chair-Elect will spend the first year of his or her service on the committee preparing to assume the CCLIP Chair position during his or her second year of service. This year the Chair-Elect is Lea Osborne.

Speakers and topics wanted: The committee would like to host several events this year, and we have two possible venues for people to talk about the exciting projects their working, to raise issues of concern or to lead a discussion about some library or information issue.

  • One option is a CCLIP Talk: Give a talk or host a discussion on a topic of your choosing (this is in the vein of a brownbag talk, although you’re not limited to lunchtime!). For these CCLIP Talks we’re also looking for topics of interest; we could set up speakers to discuss topics you are interested in. (For example, we have some CCLIP Talks in the works that would better explain some of the services available to members of the Columbia community).
  • Another option is to give a professional staff meeting “Lightning Talk”: Give a brief report at one of our Professional Staff meetings. Take 5-20 minutes (it’s up to you!) to describe some project you’ve been working on.


CCLIP elections: Represent your library and information professional colleagues

It’s a different sort of election season here at the Columbia University Libraries: You can run for office to represent your peers as part of the Columbia Committee for Library and Information Professionals (CCLIP) (so long as you’re a librarian or at least a Level-10 staff member).

CCLIP–formerly known as the Representative Committee of Librarians (RCL)–is responsible for representing, as an elected committee, the interests of the professional CUL staff; for advising the library administration; and for keeping communication channels open between professional staff and library administration.

Nominate yourself or a colleague to run for a seat. The two-year term of service will begin on Jan. 1, 2009. Contact CUL Senators Karen Green (klg19@columbia.edu) or Nancy Friedland (nef4@columbia.edu) if you are interested in running. There will be three CCLIP vacancies as of Dec. 30, 2008


  • E-mail us your suggestions and comments:

  • Don’t forget the next professional staff meeting:
    Friday, October 3, 2008 at 9:00am
    Kellogg Room; 15th floor of SIPA

CCLIP Summer Update


Your time to beam with pride has arrived! You know that interesting project you’ve been working on? The one that seems to consume every moment of your working life?

We want to hear about it! And so do your colleagues!

Consider discussing a project or topic of interest during a CCLIP Talk session. The Committee for Columbia Library and Information Professionals (CCLIP) is on the look out for volunteers to lead future CCLIP Talks.

Recent topics have included:

“History Lab: An emerging model for discipline-based library instruction,” by John Tofanelli

“The Current State of Audio Preservation,” by Marcos Sueiro Bal

For more information, contact Jim Crocamo (e-mail: jc2120@columbia.edu)

Be sure to save the date for the next professional staff meeting:

Friday, October 3, 2008 at 9:00am

Kellogg Room; 15th floor of SIPA

CUL Senate Election results

Congratulations to Nancy Friedland and Karen Green, who in May were elected to serve as the CUL Senate Representatives for 2008-2009.

Vote for CUL representatives for University Senate

When do I vote?

Voting began Monday, April 28 and ends Friday, May 16 @ 5:00 pm.

How do I vote?

In person:

Paper ballots are available in the University Archives, located in Butler Library 6th Floor East.

Via email:

If you are unable to vote in person, please send an email with the name of the individual for whom you are casting your vote to sgh2105@columbia.edu.

IMPORTANT: For your vote to be counted you must note “Senate Vote” in your subject line.

Senate candidates will have an opportunity to present at the CCLIP meeting scheduled for May 9, 9-11:30 am, Kellogg Room, 15th Floor; SIPA.

Come and cheer on your candidate!

Meet the Candidates:

Kathleen Dreyer is the business electronic services and reference librarian at Columbia’s Watson Library of Business and Economics. In addition to providing reference assistance to students and faculty, Kathleen negotiates contracts for electronic resources, works closely with database vendors to maintain electronic business resources, maintains the Watson Library web site along with a range of electronic research guides and conducts classes in the use of electronic resources. She is also an instructor in the Master’s program of Information and Archival Management in the School of Continuing Education.

Nancy Friedland has been the head of the Butler Media Center for eight years, having first come to Columbia in 1995 as the Assistant Undergraduate Librarian. Shortly after Butler Media started operations, she began selecting print and electronic titles in all aspects of film studies, theatre production, performance, television, and media and was officially named the Film Studies and Performing Arts Librarian. Today, the collection numbers more than 13,000 titles representing all genres of U.S. and foreign feature films and documentary films. The collection is primarily used by faculty and students in the School of the Arts, GSAS, SIPA, and Columbia College. Serving as a liaison presents a personal face to the libraries and is one of the most rewarding services we provide – through reference, collection development, instruction and outreach. It is essential to know and understand the curriculum, teaching needs and the student wants.

The development of the media collection and witnessing the exponential growth in its usage by students and faculty—to see a non-existent service expand into a successful and important new library service—is her greatest joy. Nancy believes that serving on the University Senate is a wonderful opportunity to represent the libraries and to learn more about how things work (or not) and how things are discussed at the University level.

Karen Green has been the librarian for Ancient and Medieval History and Religion for nearly six years, as well as the Graphic Novels selector for almost three years. She has served as senator for the libraries for one term, and has been fascinated by the opportunity to see university administration at work. Through her involvement in various library committees and functions–such as RCL, the E-Reserves Implementation Team, PDC, the FRED committee on E-Reference Management, among others–she feels she has been able to understand the concerns of a wide array of library constituencies, and hopes she has functioned as an effective liaison over the past two years. Karen has also recently been appointed to the newly-revived Senate Rules Committee, which is revising the guidelines for conduct, and is eager to continue the work that has begun there. She very much looks forward to continuing her service.