Nuremberg Trials Project

"The Harvard Law School Library has approximately one million pages of documents relating to the trial of military and political leaders of Nazi Germany before the International Military Tribunal (IMT) and to the twelve trials of other accused war criminals before the United States Nuremberg Military Tribunals (NMT)." The Law Library has undertaken a tremendous project to digitize these documents and make them available to the general public. You can find these important primary source documents, which include " trial transcripts, briefs, document books, evidence files, and other papers," here, at the Nuremberg Trials Project website.

They currently have 13,904 images digitized, in addition to "keyed text of the first seven days of court proceedings in the Case 1 trial transcript (through December 13, 1946: approximately 500 pages)."

The site is also fully searchable.  This is an incredible resource for a very important time in Jewish History.

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