Jewish Languages in the Age of the Internet

Jewish Studies resources can be found all over!  As noted on H-Judaic this morning, the latest edition of Language and Communication (31:2) is a special issue dedicated to "Jewish Languages in the Age of the Internet." 

For access to the electronic version of Language and Communication, see the CLIO record here.  Be sure to click on one of the links that indicate holdings "to the present" to be able to see this latest issue.

The contents are listed below:

1. Editorial Board / Publication information 
Page IFC

2. Jewish languages in the age of the Internet: An introduction
Pages 95-98
Sarah Bunin Benor   

3. Yiddish on the Internet 
Pages 99-106
Tsvi Sadan

4. The meaning of Ladino: The semiotics of an online speech community
Pages 107-118
Marcy Brink-Danan

5. Judeo-Greek in the era of globalization 
Pages 119-129
Julia G. Krivoruchko 

6. Shamis, halebis and shajatos: Labels and the dynamics of Syrian Jewishness
in Mexico City
Pages 130-140
Evelyn Dean-Olmsted    

7. Mensch, bentsh, and balagan: Variation in the American Jewish linguistic
Pages 141-154
Sarah Bunin Benor   

8. Shandler, J., 2006. Adventures in Yiddishland: Postvernacular Language &
Culture. University of California Press, Berkeley 
Pages 155-157
William Weigel

9. Nevo, N. and Olshtain, E., (Eds.). 2007. The Hebrew Language in the Era of
Globalization. Magnes Press, Jerusalem 
Pages 158-159
Yael Reshef    

10. Chetrit, J., 2007. Diglossie, hybridation et diversité intra-linguistique: études
socio-pragmatiques sur les langues juives, le judéo-arabe et le judéo-berbère.
Peeters, Louvain
Pages 160-162
Cyril Aslanov

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