CQ Voting and Elections database


CQ Press offers primary and general election data for all presidential, gubernatorial or congressional elections from 1789 – 2016. 2018 midterm returns with be verified and uploaded in 2019. As a secondary source, CQ Press takes the raw data from election results and makes it easier to read and digest.

– Comprehensive
– Download by format

– Secondary source (pulls from ANES)
– Slow to update

Spring 2017: Bloomberg Introductory Training

As we prepare for the Spring Semester, this is the information to register for The Bloomberg Introductory Training.  The dates for the sessions are as follows:

  • Thursday, Jan 26 @ 2pm– Business Library
  • Friday, Jan 27 @ 10am – Business Library
  • Thursday, Feb. 2nd @ 2pm -Lehman Social Sciences Library
  • Friday, Feb. 3rd @ 10am – Lehman Social Sciences Library
  • Friday, Feb 17th @ 10am – Business Library
  • Thursday, Mar. 2nd @ 2pm – Business Library
  • Friday, Mar. 24th @ 10am – Business Library
  • Friday, April 7th @ 10am – Business Library
  • Thursday, April 13th @ 2pm – Business Library

RSVP @  https://goo.gl/forms/vRbqRMDICx35hnOK2

Please note the locations,  the sessions will be offered at Business or Lehman Social Sciences Library.

As an FYI, the form will automatically notify the business global and generate a confirmation email for the patron.

Lastly, if any of theses times do not work for the patron he/she can request an individual consult via business@library.columbia.edu

Journalism Library Winter Intersession hours

Winter is already upon us!  How time flies.  We here in the library hope that you have a happy, safe, and lovely break!  We all look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

Our hours are as follows:

December 24th, 2016-January 3rd, 2017: CLOSED

January 4th-15th

Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm

Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

We will be closed January 16th for MLK Day and resume our normal hours January 17th, 2017.

Thanksgiving Week Hours

Journalism Library will be open the following hours Nov. 21-27th.

Monday & Tuesday: 10am-8pm

Wednesday-Sunday: CLOSED

Have a great week and we will see you for normal business hours again starting Nov. 28th!

2016 Elections, how to get information for your stories

Congratulations student body for being present for one of the craziest election cycles that have happened in America within my lifetime.  With this election the School of Journalism is going to have a pop-up newsroom so that you to can experience the thrill of covering elections.  To help, we here at the library offer these resources:

LibGuide on Campaigns & Electionshttp://guides.library.columbia.edu/usgd/campaigns/home. This page shows resources for exploring different aspects of federal electoral campaigns and elections. This page has links for data on elections, accountability offices, background information, and the news sites that cover elections as well. This is a great catch all resource for election day coverage.


Gallup Analyticshttp://www.columbia.edu/cgi-bin/cul/resolve?clio11526215.
This site will give you analysis on almost every topic you can think of.  For instance, Presidential approval is at 50% as of writing this blog post. Thanks Gallup!


Exit Pollshttp://www.columbia.edu/cgi-bin/cul/resolve?clio9167879. This E-Book “explores the trends in election day exit polls from their beginning in 1972 to the present, showing changes in the American electorate and its voting patterns.”

Data Cataloghttp://library.columbia.edu/locations/dssc/data/numdata/data-catalog-holdings.html.  This is important for statistical information for cities and states. It also has Gubernatorial, Congressional, and Presidential election data already laid out for you.  How nice is that?

voxgov: http://www.columbia.edu/cgi-bin/cul/resolve?clio10644965.  This site is really helpful in getting information on what is tending in social media.  As of writing this blog law enforcement was the number 6 trending topic.





Reminder-Last DIY research workshop tomorrow!

Tomorrow, October 25 the Survey & Interview Studies workshop is happening.  If you want to sign up please use the link below.  This is the last DIY workshop for the semester.
Understand how to collect data using surveys and interviews. Sampling, question development, and implementation will be covered. Doing sensitive research and working with vulnerable groups will also be discussed.