Library Access for Graduating Students

Congratulations on your graduation!  You may be wondering what will become of your access to Columbia’s excellent electronic resources once you are no longer a student.  This blog post will give you the definitive answers on the topic – accept no conflicting information!

Part I: Good News and Bad News

The Good News: Upon graduation, there is a “grace period” of approximately three months during which you continue to have access to the databases you know and love (Factiva, LexisNexis, etc.) via the same channels as before – you connect via the library’s link to them, type in your Columbia UNI and password, and you’re in. During this grace period, you may also continue to check books out of Columbia libraries.

The Bad News: You will NOT receive a warning at the end of the grace period – your access simply expires.  Library staff are not notified of the exact date on which the grace period ends, so you need to remain aware that, come August or September, you can no longer count on access to these resources.

How to tell when you have been cut off?  Simple!  Once the grace period ends, your UNI and password will no longer work to log you in to the databases you had been using.

Part II: Alumni Access to Columbia Libraries

Once you have graduated from Columbia, you enjoy alumni library privileges.  You are eligible for an alumni ID card, which is good for lifetime access to all of Columbia’s libraries (remember, when you’re on campus, you have access to databases!), and you have electronic access to a selection of databases that Columbia licenses specifically for alumni use.  Find out about all this on the Alumni & Friends Portal of the Libraries’ website.