Questions (and Answers!) From Orientation Library Sessions…

Q: What library services will I have access to after I graduate? Will I have access to Lexis Nexis and Factiva?

A: For 3 months after graduation, all graduates will continue to have access to the same resources that were available to them when they were students. Columbia University alums are welcome to use the libraries on campus after obtaining the Alumni Library Card upon graduation at the Library Information Office. Lexis Nexis and Factiva are currently not included in the list of electronic resources available to alumni, but there are many benefits and services available at Columbia University Libraries, including access to ProQuest newspapers. For a full listing of electronic services available to alums, click here.

Q: May I use photographs downloaded from AccuNet/AP Multimedia Archive on my personal blog? May I copy a journal or newspaper article in its entirety to my personal blog?

A: All materials obtained from Columbia University Libraries databases are for research, instructional, and educational uses only. Please see the Copyright and Fair Use category on this blog for further information.

Photos from the AccuNet/AP Multimedia Archive may be downloaded for class-specific projects only, and you must credit the AP in your project.

With journal articles, you may incorporate bibliographic citations into your personal blog, but copying the entire article would be in direct violation of our database license.

Q: Will my Columbia ID give me access to the Medical Library?

A: Yes! With you Columbia ID, you may access the Medical Library and all libraries on campus.

More Questions and Answers from Orientation Library Sessions coming soon!