CRS Reports on Journalists’ Privilege

Looking for Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports on Journalists’ Privilege?  CRS Reports examine Supreme Court and other court decisions and legislative proposals related to journalists’ privilege and rights to refuse to disclose information on sources in news gathering. 

Try these 2 sources: 

Open CRS  (freely accessible to public; note:  reports do not become public until a member of Congress releases the report, so not all reports will be available through Open CRS.)

  1. in the Search Open CRS box, type:   journalists’ privilege
  2. click Go

Lexis Nexis Congressional (Columbia University Libraries subscription database; use UNI and password to authenticate)

  1. click on "Congressional Publications" in the menu on the left
  2. go to the Advanced Search tab
  3. uncheck all the boxes except "CRS Reports
  4. (1916-present)"
  5. in search box, type:  journalists’ privilege
  6. click Search