Welcome-aboards and a Fond-farewell

Dear Journalism School Community! 

I am happy to share the arrival of two new, wonderful additions to the Journalism Library –

Tracy Sagalow (tas2156@columbia.edu) is the new Journalism Library Supervisor, the person to whom you can address access issues, course reserves, overdue fines, fires, floods and other facilities-related concerns.  Tracy re-joins the Columbia Libraries community after a brief education and artistic hiatus (have you seen her pyrography?).  She found another home on OUR "night shift" and you can find her in the Journalism and Lehman Libraries durnig the evenings.

Starr Hoffman (jdh2176@columbia.edu) is the new Journalism Librarian, availing herself and her myriad of expertise in the service of research for JSchool students, faculty, centers, and administrators.  Starr is a "geeky artist librarian," proving once again that we are more than just shhhh-ing book-lovers!  She is excited to join this team and looks forward to working with you.

And with these wonderful additions, it's time for me to sign out of my current position in the Journalism Library.  It's been a pleasure to serve you these last 5 years, and I wish you all the research successs imaginable!  You can still reach me at cmm64@columbia.edu (…and, yes, for those who have already inquired, the technological terror (aka the Death Star Cookie Jar) is being relocated to a new star system…).

Welcome to our fabulous new additions!  And with many thanks, I bid a fond farewell to everyone who has been a part of my years in the Journalism Library.



Cristina Ergunay, Journalism-Librarian-for-one-more-day-only…