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Celebrate Master’s Research with Cookies!

Journalism Library Death Star Cookie Jar Chosen a Master's project or thesis topic, you have?  Or still mulling over the possibilities?  Join the celebration with a cookie available in the evil space station in the Journalism Library.

(Future cookie suggestion, you have?  Send email to:

Journalism Library Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

Journalism Library’s hours will be changing due to the upcoming holiday. We will be closed on the following days:

  • Wednesday, November 21st
  • Thursday, November 22nd
  • Friday, November 23rd

The library will be reopen with regular operating hours beginning on Saturday, November 24th. Have a safe and happy holiday!

Thanksgiving Facts for Features

Some quick Facts for Features on Thanksgiving culinary delights!

  • 2.7 billion pounds = the total weight of sweet potatoes produced by major sweet potato producing states in 2011
  • 1.1 billion pounds = the total production of pumpkins in the major pumpkin-producing states in 2011
  • 254 million = the number of turkeys expected to be raised in the United States in 2012, up 2% from the number raised during 2011 (where did all the vegetarians go?)

Find these and other holiday statistics with cited sources at the U.S. Census Bureau's Newsroom, Facts for Features & Special Editions page – one of the census projects designed for journalists.  This collection of statistics from demographic and economic subject areas provides information, background, and source citing for topics in the news.  Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Internet Archive TV News Collection

The Internet Archive TV News now contains an online collection of all tv news since 2009 from national U.S. networks.  The collection contains 350,000 news programs and transcripts collected over 3 years and is updated with new broadcasts 24 hours after they are aired.  Search from selected topics, or customize a search by keyword, network, station, and program title!  Try it, and let me know what you think!

Creating Search Strings Using LexisNexis & Factiva

Ready to create more advanced search strings using LexisNexis Academic and Factiva?  Learn how using the LexisNexis and Factiva Cheat Sheet.  Try your hand at connectors, proximity operators, and segment searching!

Win a Columbia University Libraries travel mug if you can answer the following:

  • how would you construct a search string to find articles by J-School Dean, Nicholas Lemann, in LexisNexis?
  • how would you find students and distance learning within the same sentence using Factiva?
  • how would you retrieve results only for articles that are longer than 500 words in LexisNexis?

Submit your answers to: for your mug!

[HINT:  all answers can be found on the cheat sheet!]

Columbia Experts Abound

Looking for an expert in a particular area of study on which you are reporting?  Check out the Columbia University Experts Guide from the Office of Communications and Public Affairs.  Search by name, subject, keyword, or peruse the different pre-compiled Expert Guides, such as Elections Experts Guide or Financial Crisis Experts Guide.