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AP Daybook Mnemonic Change in Factiva!

Are you one of the many that rely on Factiva to get the Associated Press New York City daily schedule?  Then please note this important change!

The mnemonic search string used in the search box in Factiva has changed from:  ny day schedule to:    

nyc daybook

As always, do not insert punctuation, quotation marks, search connectors or parentheses, and BEFORE running the search, remember to un-check the box under "More Options" below for "obituaries, sports, calendars."

How to…Get the AP Day Schedule

If you want to pull up the New York daily schedule from the Associated Press, and are not in a Journalism School computer lab with access to the ENPS system, just connect to Factiva) (access restricted to current Columbia affiliates). 

Once connected, in the “Free Text” box at the top, type:

nyc daybook

exactly as they appear above.  Then, select a date or date range (e.g. In the last week, In the last day, Enter a date range, etc.)

BEFORE running the search, verify under the “More Options” section at the bottom that the option to exclude “obituaries, sports, calendars” has not been checked (if it has, just un-check it).

Then, run your search!