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Resource Spotlight: AP Stylebook Online

AP Stylebook OnlineNeed a convenient way to check the AP Stylebook?  Try Columbia University Libraries new online version – AP Stylebook Online!  This online version offers the same A-Z guide to usage, spelling, and punctuation, and offers a pronunciation guide with audio files.

Bookmark this resource at the following URL:

(This resource is available only to current faculty, staff, and students of Columbia University)


Have you seen the new CLIOPicture 5With extra built in functionality, like book covers with search results, permanent URLs for each item, and the ability to text or email a title, location, and call number for an item, it’s a must-see!

Feeling nostalgic?  You can still get to CLIO Classic

Let us know what you think about the new CLIO send feedback!  For questions, please check CLIO Help or ask a librarian.

NYC Government Documents Guide

Looking for NYC government documents?   The Government Information Librarian has a wonderful research guide to assist you with links to a variety of publications!  Check out the New York City Documents Guide here:

Public Records – Criminal Records, Political Contributions, Real Estate Records

Looking for sources on criminal records, political contributions, and real estate records?  Then look no further than this public records guide.

Center for Advancing Health (CFAH)

The Center for Advancing Health CFAH “conducts research, communicates findings and advocates for policies that support everyone’s ability to benefit from advances in health science.”  Check out their books, publications, and subscribe to their Daily Digest at the Resources page.