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NewsTrust logo

Online journalism has become the go-to news source for people around the world. In an effort to evaluate journalism and information for the masses, there’s a great resource called NewsTrust that helps us sort out the best from the rest.

Haven’t heard of NewsTrust? You can find out the full details here, but in short it’s a recently created non-profit that has tasked itself with "helping people find and share good journalism online" using the shared knowledge of a growing community of consumers, experienced journalists, educators and students.

If you’re interested in adding your two-cents, head over to NewsTrust to sign up, or join using an existing Facebook account and start evaluating news stories immediately on a wide-range of criteria. It’s a great way to improve your journalistic eye while participating in a collective journalism review resource!

Photo/Multimedia Archive Resources

Just a couple of photo/multimedia archive resources:

AP/Accunet Multimedia Archive – This resource is an archive of Associated Press photographs from 1844 to the present, audio files of radio broadcasts, text of wire stories (access restricted to Columbia affiliates)

Internet Archive – The Internet Archive is a nonprofit founded in 1996 that provides access to historical collections that exist in digital format (audio, video, software, etc.).  Try the WayBack Machine – remember getting pints of Ben&Jerry’s delivered to your door through  Step back in time to view archives of websites no longer in existence!

Nonprofits Information

Here is a quick guide to finding information on nonprofit organizations:

GuideStar is a database of nonprofit organizations which are identified as 501(c)(3) public charities. GuideStar requires registration, so set up a free login and password for access. Some portions of the site require payment, but you can retrieve the 990 form, which the organization is required to file with the IRS, without charge.

The Foundation Directory Database (access restricted to current Columbia affiliates), published by the Foundation Center, enables you to search both for grants and for foundations which make grants (note that the “990 Search” is not part of our subscription).

For a guide to other nonprofit resources at Columbia University Libraries, check out the Business Library’s guide to Nonprofit Organizations, which includes reference books and directories, links to useful databases, and websites of interest.

Last, but certainly not least, the Foundation Center’s New York library, near Union Square, is open to the public, and provides access to databases which list donors to organizations, individuals and their board affiliations, and much more.