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It’s Turkey Time

Did you know that Minnesota expects to raise about 47 million turkeys in 2010? That’s tops in the nation, followed by North Carolina (31.0 million), Arkansas (28.0 million), Missouri (17.5 million), Indiana (16.0 million) and Virginia (15.5 million). Those six states together will probably account for two-thirds of all the U.S. turkeys produced in 2010.

Fun facts like this one from the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service and many others are available at the U.S. Census Bureau’s Facts for Features and Special Editions website right now, and come back for seconds later in the week for some more seasonal statistics on Black Friday.

Facts for Features: Labor Day

Did you know that:

  • the first observance of Labor Day – a parade of 10,000 workers – is believed to have taken place in New York City in 1882?
  • 3.5 million workers face commutes to work of 90 minutes or more each day?
  • there are 154.4 million, 16 years and older, in the nation’s labor force?

Find these and other interesting statistics at the Census’ Facts for Features: Labor Day.

The U.S. Census Bureau has a section – Facts for Features and Special Editionsdesigned for journalists!  This collection of statistics from demographic and economic subject areas provides information, background, and source citing for topics in the news.

Holiday Season Statistics

Need some holiday statistics for that news story?  Try the U.S. Census Bureau’s Facts for Features & Special Editions

  • 16.6 billion = the number of cards, letters, and packages shipped through the U.S. Postal Service from December 1st to Christmas this year!  And the busiest mailing day is set for…???
  • $410 million = the sales by U.S. Christmas tree farmers in 2007.  What does $109.3 million represent???

Find the answers to these questions on Facts for Features & Special Editions and reply to this post with your answers!

Gobble Gobble – Facts for Features

ThanksgivingDid you know that the United States produced 1.8 billion pounds of sweet potatoes in 2008?  And that North Carolina led the pack by producing 874 million pounds? Learn about these and other Thanksgiving-related tid-bits at the U.S. Census Bureau’s Facts for Features & Special Editions.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Statistical Treats for Halloween from the U.S. Census

Did you know that in 2008 Illinois led the country by producing 496 million pounds of pumpkins?  Looking for Halloween-related statistics for an upcoming feature article?  Check out these treats from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Facts for Features & Special Editions.  Trick or Treat!