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Notable New Yorkers from CUL’s Oral History Research Office

Looking for audio recordings and interview transcripts of some influential New Yorkers?  Look no further than the unique digital collection of Notable New Yorkers at the Oral History Research Office of the Columbia University Libraries, collected from 1955-2001.  This special collection includes interviews with influential figures such as Frances Perkins, Kenneth Clark, and Ed Koch. 

NYC Green Book Online

The New York City's Green Book, a staple for directory information on city agencies, offices, boards, and commissions, is now "greener" than before!   Beginning this year, the publication is available online – NYC Green Book Online – with searchable, up-to-date city directory information. 

Need a historical directory?  Columbia Libraries has a collection of previous editions of NYC Green Books in print.

NYC Election Research

Looking for research on NYC elections and campaign finance information?  Try these sites!

New York City Board of Elections website provides:

New York City Campaign Finance Board website provides:

  • CFB Searchable Database that allows you to search by election cycle, candidate, contributor name, amount of contribution, date of contribution, contributor employer
  • campaign finance summaries for citywide elections
  • press tools, including calendar of scheduled board meetings, campaign finance law, enforcement information

Labor Day Stats

commuterDid you know:

  • the first observance of Labor Day is believed to have been a parade of 10,000 workers on Sept. 5, 1882, in New York City?
  • the mean travel time to work for New Yorkers is 39.2 minutes?
  • there are currently 153.2 million people 16 and older in the nation’s labor force?

Find these and other interesting statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Facts for Features & Special Editions!


NYT & WNYC to Launch SchoolBook

A new project – SchoolBook – will launch on September 7th, 2011 – a collaboration of the New York Times and WNYC, which will be a site offering daily news, data, and discussion about New York City schools, including customized pages for each of the 1,700 pubic schools and 800 private schools in the city.

Sign up to get email notification when the site will be ready at:


In the meantime, do you need other NYC education resources for your beat reporting?  Try:

for statistics, data, and reports on schools.

The New York Real Estate Brochure Collection

News from Avery!

The New York Real Estate Brochure Collection was donated to Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library by Yale Robbins, Henry Robbins, and David Magier in 1986. The collection consists of over 9,200 advertising brochures, floor plans, price lists, and related materials that document residential and commercial real estate development in the five boroughs of New York and outlying vicinities from the 1920s to the 1970s.

Columbia University Libraries is in the process of digitizing the entire collection. Brooklyn is now complete with over 3,000 images for approximately 800 buildings.

Digitized images for Manhattan are scheduled to be released in early 2010. The remaining boroughs will be made available on a borough-by-borough basis.