Extended hours, 4/15 – 5/11

Lehman Library will be open for extended hours beginning Friday, April 15th and ending Wednesday, May 11th.  Our service desks will remain open until 10pm those Fridays and Saturdays, and until midnight on Sundays.  The library will remain open as a study space until 4am during this period.

These are the shifts for which we will need GA coverage.  Please check your calendars and let me know if you are interested in picking up any of these shifts.



Friday 4/15: 7pm-10pm

Saturday 4/16: 6pm-10pm

Sunday 4/17: 11pm-midnight


Friday 4/22: 7pm-10pm

Saturday 4/23: 6pm-10pm

Sunday 4/24: 11pm-midnight


Friday 4/29: 7pm-10pm

Saturday 4/30: 6pm-10pm

Sunday 5/1: 11pm-midnight


Friday 5/6: 7pm-10pm

Saturday 5/7: 6pm-10pm

Sunday 5/8: 11pm-midnight



5 thoughts on “Extended hours, 4/15 – 5/11

  1. Hi,

    I am taking:
    Friday 4/15 7pm to 10pm
    Friday 4/22 7pm to 10pm
    Friday 4/29 7pm to 10pm


  2. Hi,

    I can take following shifts-
    Saturday 4/30: 6pm-10pm
    Friday 5/6: 7pm-10pm
    Saturday 5/7: 6pm-10pm

  3. I can also take following shifts as second GA-
    Friday 4/15: 7pm-10pm
    Saturday 4/16: 6pm-10pm
    Friday 4/22: 7pm-10pm
    Saturday 4/23: 6pm-10pm
    Friday 4/29: 7pm-10pm

  4. I can do:
    Sunday 4/17: 11pm-midnight
    Sunday 4/24: 11pm-midnight
    Sunday 5/1: 11pm-midnight
    Sunday 5/8: 11pm-midnight

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