Preview Site Now Open to Contributors!

Access to Preview is live! Please continue to check our KNOWN ISSUES page and our general Blog Posts (this page) for updates about development, design, and general site work. We recommend subscribing to this blog using the form at the very bottom of this page.  Working with the Preview Site Components and Information Architecture contains specific component information, instructions, and the architecture of the site.

Changes to the pages, site overall, and the structure of the DAM are still being made, e.g.:

  • CourseWorks guides are not yet available for editing.
  • There is no longer a "Link to Printer-Friendly" component.  Going forward, all pages will have a printer-friendly representation, which will be incorporated into the site template.  Existing links to printer-friendly pages will be automatically removed before we go live.
  • The DAM is continuing to be changed to reflect the new site architecture. We will continue to update you on specific content moves within the DAM.
  • The Social Networking Icons that link to location-specific Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Blog sites (e.g., division blogs, individual libraries' blogs, location-specific Foursquare hotspots) are still being worked on and will be implemented site-wide before we go live.
  • CSS Style needs continue to be identified and are being worked on. 
  • Our iterative process means that changes to the structure, design, navigation, and content will be ongoing. Major changes will be highlighted and detailed on the blog and in email updates as needed.   

There is a new Information Architecture in place in the new site, and everything is in a new place. The Information Architecture mostly mirrors the menu and navigation structure of the site. Please attend a contributor session for more individualized assistance with finding your pages.

Log in to begin working. (PLEASE NOTE: Changes to the StaffWeb, BTS, and Alumni Friends sites should NOT be made in the Preview Environment.)