As you edit the Preview Site, keep in mind…

There are a number of things to keep in mind as you edit your pages in Preview:

  • Resolver URLs will take you to the current pages (e.g., the Ask a Librarian resolver) until we go live. ALL the resolvers will be updated at one time when we switch the site over.
  • Image captions cannot contain HTML code (including link tags <a href=""></a>). If you create an image link in the component, the caption will become a link as well.
  • URLs (created by what is put in the NAME field in CQ) should be lowercase and, if they need to be more than one word, connected by hyphens (e.g., digital-collections).
  • We are working on the permissions, both for Activating pages and for editing the Featured Content areas. I will send a notice when those permissions issues have been resolved.  

We will continue to add to our page of Known Issues and update you via the blog as we work through more of our tasks to get the Libraries' site, and many of our related services and sites, ready for the June Launch!