Updates on the Relaunch

Thanks to everyone whose efforts contributed to a successful soft launch of the Libraries’ redesigned website.

The New Design

The LDPD Web team is continuing to roll out the new (and ever improving) design to all of the many Libraries’ web properties in advance of our official public launch in August.  A few examples of our ongoing design integration efforts include custom website searches (e.g. Libraries FAQ), ILL, Digital Collections, and Online Exhibitions. CCNMTL, CDRS, and the Copyright Advisory Office will also be adapting elements of the new design to further expand the consistency of the CUL/IS web presence.

Usability Testing

In addition to the propagation of our new design, LDPD is currently conducting the first of two usability tests as a way to identify needs for additional improvements in navigation, functionality, and design. This data, in combination with all of the helpful feedback we’ve received, will guide our efforts to provide the best possible experience for our range of users.

Looking Ahead

Our redesign propagation efforts will likely continue into August, and a number of other major development efforts will also be underway.  One effort worth noting will be a complete revamping of our CUL Blogs platform, including a system update and new blog theme.  Along with a new design, CUL Blogs will be easier to administer on the back-end, and we’ll be able to better respond to requests for new plug-ins and features.
As we move into the fall we’ll be making the Libraries’ website even more user friendly, with improved support for mobile devices.  And there are many additional enhancements in the queue, so stay tuned.
— Posted by Dmitri Laury and Candice Kail