Service Alert – copier is out of order (Fri 9/18)

Please be advised that the Music & Arts Library’s sole photocopier is out of order, as of 5pm on Friday, 9/18.

A service call has been placed. We’re not sure of when the technician will be on site and how long the fix will take.

For the latest status info, please call the circulation desk of the Music & Arts Library, at 212-854-4711.

Some resources that might provide alternatives to items needed photocopying:

  • Classical Scores Library – this database contains several digitized (and printable) scores
  • CD Sheet Music¬† – these are collections of scores, in PDF format, on CD-ROM. They can be browsed in CLIO by doing a keyword search on “CD sheet music” (as a phrase, so, including the quotation marks) (or, try this link)

Please contact with any questions or concerns. Our apologies for this inconvenience!

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