Water Leak in Music & Arts Library

The Music & Arts Library experienced a significant water leak on Sunday, 6/27. The area affected is mostly music scores, call numbers 00 – 51. Due to ongoing clean-up work in the area, we’ve restricted access to the affected shelves for now, but Music staff will check on the condition of any item you need, and retrieve it for you if condition permits. We will post updates as access restrictions are lifted, but remember, you can still get any undamaged score.

Also affected are the Viewing and Seminar Rooms, both of which received damage to the floor and carpet. These rooms are currently not accessible, including the digital pianos.

We’re fortunate that Facilities staff caught this happening in the early morning on Sunday, and put up plastic to prevent further damage. While unfortunate, this could have been much worse if not caught early. Damaged items will be going out for preservation treatment; we expect all items to be salvageable.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns, at musiclibrary@columbia.edu. Thanks for your patience while we treat these materials and restore the space back to normal.